Sunday, February 14, 2016

happy valentine's day!

was trying to think of a great love song to post today. i decided to go old school, to this classic...

tell someone you love them today! enjoy...

Friday, February 12, 2016

happy friday & weekend!

it's winter, and this is the time of year i start wishing the time from now, to summer, would speed up...
i'm ready for waaaaaay less clothing layers and not constantly resorting to clunky boots instead of pretty heels. i've resorted to staying in more, creative juices are flowing (i just began painting again) and concocting a small side business, that i will share with you soon oh! and eating too much (though i have been running about 5 times a week, so...). so this weekend i am wishing for sun that is actually warming, tan skin and the sounds of the summer, outdoors. hey, a girl can dream. have a super weekend friends! a few fun friday finds, if you care to have a look...

i've always wanted to eat here. read a recent review, here. & chef grant achatz's book, after surviving tongue cancer!

this electric blue plant stand is gorgeous.

for valentine's day, a fun (and expensive) wine stopper.

i can't tell if i like this color bedding or not?

these rugs! pure rug love!

love this rose gold mirror, alot.

salted caramel gingerbread cake w/orange buttercream?. ah, yes please.

love this vintage inspired luggage line.

this light wash denim collar bow would be a pretty accessory for spring.

a new blog crush.

i've tried zipccar, multiple times with both up and down experiences. this app is an interesting new approach to scoring a vehicle for a short time.

a truly gorgeous food styling blog.

this "girls holding flowers" instagram site is worth following.

a fine necklace.

she wrote a great post about my FAVORITE mini-series ever on television.

Thursday, February 11, 2016


the portugal-based furniture design label, branca-lisboa is designing and crafting beautiful wooden furniture, with amazingly lovely lines...
it's really all about the line here isn't it? well it's the exquisitely sourced wood from northern portugal as well, but the ways with which branca-lisboa's designers incorporate line, as the immediate element that captures your attention is really just perfection. clean lines, fabulous design. a great new find, branca-lisboa...enjoy!

sculptural inspiration.

artist gemma smith (article here) and her acrylic prism-esque "boulder" sculptures are drawing me in today...
gemma (see more of her work here) also paints and as opposed to her harder edged sculptures above, her paintings capture more soft, rather spiralling and full of fun, fluid lines. gemma successfully blocks color, sculpturally. painting, she smashes color up against even more color in a playful fashion. i find her work happy, easy on the eyes and intentionally captivating. enjoy!

an airy, eclectic home tour.

this amazing home was featured a while back on the design files. it's the home of paper engineer (hence the first image & throughout the home, keep looking) benja harney & interior architect andrew waller, both living and working in australia...
(images: eve wilson)
their home reflects both of their passions & styles as well as their unusual collection of transparent objects and collections from being well travelled. benja and andrew comment in the article (you can read it & see more of their home here) that their home "is where we live with our work to test out our ideas."

there is a fluidity to each space, or as it leads from one to the other, fluctuating between modern art-deco to vintage antique...and each more interesting and warm than the next. well styled, every inch. it's so lovely i wanted to share. enjoy!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

visual inpsiration.

gathering visual inspiration today from these shapes & colors...
just cause. enjoy!

gold loving.

are you in the market for a higher end piece, drenched in gold? here's a quick lineup of some glowingly gold pieces i've recently bookmarked...

studio os and oos.

the netherlands based design team of oskar peet & sophie menson, of studio os and oos, are designing a new take on tables...
studio os and oos "tries to find the balance between form, material and their relationship to the surrounding and the user." their design sense is art=industry, shape is given a purpose, a functionality, in the most exquisite & simplest of ways. i love the relationship between soft circular shapes and the harder lines that support them.

when purchasing a particular piece, for yourself or a client, for a residential or commercial space, it important to remember to seek out the extraordinary, the artists and designers who, though not perhaps mainstream, are out there, find them. they are individually creating unique pieces, pieces that will either perfectly begin or perfectly complete a space. enjoy!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016


australian-based lovestar is offering up some hand-made heart vases and what do you know...perfect for valentine's day!
helen bayley launched lovestar in 2013, stemming from a love of fashion, the arts and nature. helen has combined these aesthetics into one too cool for school company. oh, her accessories are super fun too. enjoy!