Friday, October 24, 2014

have a relaxing weekend!

so this is how my week began...
i went to see john hiatt and michael logen here, at the shalin liu performance center. the performance center (backside view from the beach at cape ann above) is now the most special of places that i have ever enjoyed live music. as if being in an old sea captain's home, the center only seats about 300 people total so every seat is like being in a living room with a live performer. stunning. the entire backdrop behind the performer, the WHOLE WALL is glass with views of rockport harbor and fishing boats and seagulls and geese. again...stunning. and during the intermission michael logen hung out in the lobby areas talking to anyone who wanted to say hello. so we said hello. and he signed a cd for my son ethan. very cool. at the end of the concert, john hiatt was visibly moved by this event. he said so. his body language suggested he didn't want to leave the stage. that if we kept clapping he would have played into the night.
we then drove north, to camden maine. i like staying at this one particular resort. it's a little dated (though they are about to undertake a multi-million dollar renovation) but what you are there for is the panoramic views of penobscot bay. not. even. funny. beautiful. the week began with sunrises and sunsets, with lobster boats heading out to check their traps, before the predicted nor'easter was to arrive.
from the harbor area, looking up at mt. battie, i thought yuuuuuuup, going to go and climb that thing! ah, i got three quarters of the way up no problemo. then i made the mistake of turning around, and looking, and like, on SHEER ROCK. it felt like i was dangling on the side of the largest mountain in the world. with zero gear. i tried pretending that i didn't have a fear of heights. i now realize that i have A FEAR OF HEIGHTS! so i backed down the mountain, at the rate of like one foot per every 10 minutes. IT WAS CRAZY. finally i got back to my car, which was tucked in the woods and drove to the top. oh and disclaimer, when i first visited the park (yes they have a normal park area where you can begin your adventure of enjoying this mountain but i was like noooooooooo, i can't be like everyone else, i need to begin somewhere raw and it needs to be hard, like it was for the american indians back in the day, blah blah blah), i spoke to a park ranger who suggested i just keep driving, up mt. battie, to enjoy the view. should have listened. finally did. i drove to the top, like everyone else. and not like an american indian, but the view was the reward. it was like being in some sort of heaven peering down.
later in the week the storm came, as it was predicted to. the lobster boats stayed in, the bay was raging with wind and sideways rain. we slept with the glass slider to our little deck facing the ocean, open, every night. i woke up alot, heard the wind which should have scared me but it didn't, it calmed me actually. i immediately went right back to sleep. every time. breathing in salt air and the storm.
(images: mine)

normally we walk to this lighthouse, but obviously this time you wouldn't. we'd have been swept out to sea. but it was beautiful to watch the force of the storm, the power of it. you develop a particular reverence for the ocean living on the east coast.

i'm not sure what i believe as far as if we were all living some other life before this one kind of stuff. but if i did, it was here. every time i am in maine i am the most comfortable i can be. the most relaxed and in a place that i'm supposed to be. there is just something about it for me. it's where i go to be. do you have a place or places like that? i'd love to hear. enjoy your weekend friends!

these mia lights.

offered up by fabbian and designed by federica bubani, these mia f26 lights in polished white ceramic have captured my attention this morning...
mia, the italian word for mine is appropriate here since the smaller of the two conical shapes can be adjusted to how you like it, making it yours, making it mine. this simple design and lamp is more complex than first meets the eye. the ability to be customized to a variety of skews, to allow the light to be less or more direct is inviting and interesting.

ooooh plus happy friday! i'm back from some rest and rejuvenation (much needed). i'll share a few pictures later today of sunsets viewed, a mountain climbed (well, almost) and the ocean appreciated throughout a nor'easter. gorgeous. enjoy!

Monday, October 20, 2014


happy monday friends! today i am LOVING this line by new york based designer ryan roche...
the entire color palette of this line is dreamy, soft pastels paired with slightly edgy designs (she offers cashmere leggings. CASHMERE!), so...check out more of ryan's fall 2014 line here

i'll be taking a few days off from the blog this week to get caught up on just lots of things. i hope that you had an amazing weekend and that your week goes the same way. i'll be back posting towards the end of this week! for now, enjoy this fall fashion line...

Friday, October 17, 2014

and...hello friday!

if i owned this sequin skirt, this would be my "yes! it's friday pose"...
and you can buy it, here. it might be a weekend purchase of mine ;) put it on with converse and a tied denim top or go all out dressed up, you could have alot of fun with this skirt!

what are you up to this weekend? i'm looking forward to going here, to see him and SO excited. this venue looks amazing and intimate.

i'm also in crunch-time mode writing my graduate thesis, so trying to find a balance between "work" and pleasure. hopefully i find it! have a GREAT weekend friends! enjoy...

Thursday, October 16, 2014

david brumlin planters.

classic contemporary refined simplicity. well that's how david brumlin describes his work. and it is. all of that...
plus, i thought i'd continue my apparent fascination/obsession with all things green this week. it's funny that at times, you can really be thinking or looking for something specific, a design, a particular item or look and then all that you see are those things. or maybe you just focus?

anyway, i LOVE these. hand-made out of concrete. and even the decorative tiny white rocks are included. sold! enjoy...

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

more green,

lately i've been considering incorporating another planter or two into my small apartment space. i currently have one palm but i love the clustering of other greens, at different heights, all with unique leaves, thin, thick and in between...
i haven't quite yet found "the one" yet. i know, strange to think that i can't just grab a plant or tree, put it in a pot and be done with it. but they, at least to me, require styling, placing, incorporating perfectly into a particular space. and if it's not done that way, it just seems out of place, or even wrong.

are you as analytical about placing plants? i'm getting closer to taking the plunge. weird i know. enjoy!

hedge outdoor.

love, love, love these geometric planters designed by cora neil & offered up by the kick-started company hedge outdoor...

justina blakeney featured them today on her blog. i had to share too! enjoy...

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

and so it goes...

i'm going to see michael logen sunday night. am i looking forward to it? yes. yes i am...

his impromptu hotel room rendition of billy joel's and so it goes has stopped me today. slowed me down. to listen. over and over again. enjoy!

delirious frites.

what do you do with an abandoned, unused alley-way in quebec city canada? fill it with hundreds of pool noodles of course...
i read about the installation by the young design group les astronautes on the contemporist. according to the contemporist, the name delirious frites comes from the pool noodles used for the installation, frites de piscine or "pool french fries."

taking an abandoned alley, a space which goes unnoticed on a daily basis, a space that is basically anonymous, and transforming it, thrusting passers by into another world for a few fleeting moments is just plain the best idea ever! and also a fun post for a back-to-work tuesday. enjoy!

Monday, October 13, 2014

a quiet day.

i sure hope that you are all enjoying this loooooong weekend. i am!

it's funny too because i thought that with all of the writing i have to do (my graduate thesis is due super soon!) that i'd be my usual "how in the *&!$#! am i supposed to relax with EVERYTHING that has GOT to get done" self. and that's not far from the truth!

but my son decided to take a train then a bus to come and stay with me last minute on saturday and everything just kind of fell into place nicely. i danced in the bus terminal first to completely embarrass him (why not?) then over dinners, long conversation and a fall walk to the beach, i've managed to include important stuff (writing), in the with even more important stuff (time with my son). the weekend has been quiet, comfortable and perfect really. just saying...enjoy!

Friday, October 10, 2014

smile, it's friday!

i love this photo. saul steinberg, the american cartoonist and illustrator for the new yorker magazine loved creating these satirical paper bag masks during the 1960' about great cocktail hour antics!
i find them fun, curious and completely amazing. i wonder whether or not he designed a look for people in particular, or whether or not the masks were drawn, at gatherings and parties and people just grabbed them at random? i'd love to be able to ask him!

how is your weekend looking? i'll be behind my computer most of the weekend as i continue toward my graduate thesis deadline (next month! ah!). i hope you are doing something more fun than that ;) enjoy!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

these bags.

how fun are these bags offered up by the japanese designers and company, mina perhonen?
the rounded shape of them paired with the colorful square patterns are just super fun. i want one in every color combination! mina perhonen offers up lovely textiles and has a seasonal clothing line that is chock full of texture and pattern. plus they have very cool videos showcasing all of it! check it all out here. enjoy!