Friday, January 23, 2015

hello friday!

have a relaxing weekend everyone!

how has your week been? mine has been chugging along, staving off winter blahs, (so many people i know are heading to this warm place and that warm place and i swear i'm about to jump on a plane!), and i'm finding myself reading. alot. especially since completing my graduate degree, where i was consumed by research and tons of reading that wasn't let's shall we say, leisure reading material.

so, i've, for the first time in years (no really!) been reading whatever i choose (see here). which is fun! crazy though, the last 2 books i've read leave me crying in car dealerships and my favorite burrito restaurant. i had to put one book down yesterday before i made a scene. but they are great reads. i think i'll look for a more upbeat book next?!

i hope that you have a super relaxing weekend! enjoy...

Thursday, January 22, 2015

husk chairs.

i really like these for office or conference room chairs. you do it a little bit differently.
they're called "husk" chairs. they are designed by patricial urquiola for b&b italia. there are endless color combinations, material and sizes, (like you can get extra large in these and be super comfortable at work ALL day!), & you can purchase matching foot rests too. okay, that would be dangerous while trying to get work done. a little too relaxing.

but seriously, i love when companies such as b&b italia offer a new take on the traditional, functional design. even getting you to look at an office chair differently. or more comfortably! enjoy...

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

roll & hill.

ah, okay. if i were to purchase lighting right now, for ANYONE, i would start here, at roll & hill...
roll & hill is based in sunset park brooklyn, and is "committed to on-demand production, which allows for each piece to be customized to a client's needs." roll & hill explains that they deliberately draw from a rich base of materials such as brass, bronze, leather, wood, rope and hand-blown glass. incredible. roll & hill also works with independent, innovative, and very exciting designers. it shows.

my jaw remained open the entire time i was perusing their product line. like i had to remember to shut it type of open. these lights are exciting. they are dynamic, original, and their lines hearken back to nature, hence photographing them outdoors. everything roll & ball does, they do well. and let me tell ya, you can tell hand-made or custom-made, it stands out, from everyone else. everyone. i love that! enjoy...

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

california home tour.

lonny magazine recently featured the AMAZING home of designer tamara kay honey. did you see it?
and i dont' usually post so many images in one post. but i couldn't stop. and there's MORE, here. tamara captured an incredible warmth in this home with touches of shiny and brushed golds & brass throughout the entire home, hanging & leaning eclectic artwork large and small and focusing often on textural elements...then there's the intentional mixture of old and new (my favorite way to design any space) which in my opinion, keep the entire home, interesting.

tamara is from canada, and in the lonny article she states that despite now living in california, with very different temperatures than canada, "sheepskins and furry rugs remain a staple." tamara also says that it's not uncommon for her children to come home from school to find many rooms moved all around in a very "alice in wonderland" sort of way. fun. tamara's style is warm and comfortable. she likes pieces with scratches or "wrinkles" as she call them for they "reflect a well-lived life." this home is so well done. enjoy!

Monday, January 19, 2015

watercolor porcelain.

lindsay emery, the ceramacist, owner, and designer of suite one studio is creating these, these gorgeous plates & bowls in her north carolina studio...
lindsay works with high quality porcelain and inspired by watercolors, does just that, she creates her own watercolor designs, however abstract you wish to interpret them. there is a special softness about these pieces, a particular care and attention emanates from lindsay's work. you can see it and you can sort of feel it. enjoy!

fashion flashbacks.

happy monday friends! the tumblr site editorial archive posts really fabulous fashion flashbacks from magazine shoots of vogue italia, elle france and others, & from a number of time periods. i thought that this kind of artistic inspiration was a fun way to begin the week...
how was your weekend? sunday was a day of slightly warmer temperatures so i went out for a long run, spent time with my son before i drive him back to college today, and basically chiiiiiilllled out...fantastic! i hope that you have a great start to this week ahead...enjoy!

Friday, January 16, 2015

have a great weekend!

happy friday friends! what are you up to? anything fun?
(via i forgot!)
i've gone through mixed emotions this week: waking up to grey days and sighing and then getting my graduate thesis grade from harvard in the mail, A. waves of blah and then shazaaaam! a nice bit of positive energy to end a long week!

it's my son's last weekend before he heads back to college for his final semester of his senior year (crazy how that has flown by!). so needless to say i'm taking in his company as much as possible. i just finished this book (read the end while my car was having an oil change & cried!) and this book is due to arrive today for more reading. i'll probably cry again reading this too! but it is getting rave reviews (see here).

as i've completed my thesis i find myself actually having down time to read what i want. not what has been assigned, which is a refreshing change! so i'm hunkering in, glass of red wine in hand, (trying to embrace winter, ugh!) and laying low. i hope that wherever you are, whatever you do, you have a blast! enjoy...

Thursday, January 15, 2015

restart milano lights.

these restart milano lights, designed by maurizio narone and offered here at merchant no. 4 have me zeroed in today...
in my apartment there is one area which has turned into a quiet space, a reading space and i love that. but it's lacking the proper lighting. to keep with my mood and mode of simplicity these days i really don't want alot cluttering up shelf or surface space. so i've been looking for the perfect (understated) wall light. this might be bingo!

and here we go with the brass again! i though i had sworn off of brass entirely from a 1970's inundation of it. but as i've stated, lately, i'm back on the brass. in small increments. like with this restart milano lamp. i gulped at the price but i can still want it. enjoy!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

the table.

many of you probably already follow miss moss's blog (like me!), but did you recently see her post about the south african restaurant, the table?
a truly gorgeous concept. the tables are outdoors, abutting a de meye vineyard in the stellenbosch wine region of south africa. ok, so there's that! then (it gets better), the menu changes every week, incorporating locally sourced, seasonal ingredients. the food is brought out in dishes and platters and you serve yourself.

one review of the table and their experience there goes like this: "if you fancy lunch-the long lazy kind-this will knock your socks off!" who doesn't like fancy, long, lazy lunches?! i thought this would be a fun post for a long gray winter day. check out more of the table's menu here. and dream of summer like i will today. enjoy!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

ginger & jagger.

this company and product line made me smile today. it's like they are getting all 70's with it...
based in portugal, ginger & jagger (LOVE the name!) is designing and offering up a number of tables, rugs, and lamps, totally incorporating metals, totally reminiscent of 70's style funk. i found the table designs to be my favorite.

ginger & jagger explains their designs as hearkening back to or connecting to nature, to storms, to embodying the purity of water. for me, these designs bring me back to being 10, it was the 1970's something, my fridge was a really bad shade of orange and i might have been wearing these. ok, i was. but i still love this line!

as decadent, funky, swanky, entryway tables, to spicy bedside tables, to commercial lounge or hotel lobby spaces, these tables are super versatile, super sexy, super 70's. but i still love them. enjoy!