Friday, July 18, 2014

hitting the highway...

happy friday friends! i'm up for a little road trip so i'm hitting the highway this weekend...
it will be a short trip but hopefully one to relax the body and brain for a couple of days. (i'll take pictures!) i hope that you all have an amazing weekend too! here are a few fun curiosities i found this week too. enjoy yourself!!

p.s. i'll be posting pictures to my instagram, so keep tabs there!

this summer cocktail sounds delish!

would you wallpaper your fridge?

i love this look of a framed vintage map as a headboard.

just a really pretty soapdish.

an interesting white moon necklace.

i love what the brick house finds on bloglovin.

a new york donut map.

i soooo want this wallpaper.

a mint and peach lassi.

what kinfolk does with leaves!

a beautiful salad bowl.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

the little white dress.

i've never worn alot of white. and i'm not sure why. but this summer's dress styles, lacy, eyelet, gauzy and silky have me changing my white dress loving tune...
these are a few of my current favorite looks for the essential little white summer dress. bloggers are blogging about them, they're modeling them & wearing them so beautifully, that little white dress. did you purchase one this summer? if so, i'd love to hear. oh...and i've been converted...enjoy!

exotic culture.

illustrator and product designer miji lee is creating some super sweet designs...
in her words, miji is influenced by "natures creatures, exotic culture and the uniqueness of each individual." miji's work is sensationally soft, feminine and quiet. i love her use of broad brush strokes and then mixing those with patient detailed work. miji's designs are interesting to the eye, they have a positive tone and i love that! enjoy...

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

glowing glass.

if i were designing a swanky commercial space (aka bar, lounge, restaurant, wine bar) i would have these bad boys scattered all over the place...
glas italia has a number of contributors playing with glass and light, adding in illusions of iridescence, crackled glass, even wood finishes to compliment all of it. check out more of glas italia's contributors here, and on the right hand side, click on the contributors names to see even more amazing projects they are working on when it comes to illuminating glass. sensational really. enjoy!

japan by point.

ok, so i love this company...
the company is point, they are headquartered in spain and their outdoor line of furniture and accessories (like those lamps!) is to die for. i've been writing in my posts this summer about how much i'm not only enjoying being outdoors more, i'm actually feeling summer, in every way. and with that, i'm tuned in to really unique and fabulous outdoor lines (like this "japan" line).

and this company, point, whether you are seeking out unusual lines of outdoor anything, and for residential or commercial spaces is one to keep tabs on. even the outdoor areas you want to do differently. don't you? yes, yes you do! enjoy...

Monday, July 14, 2014

couverture and the garbstore.

couverture and the garbstore is a super cool shop in the heart of london's notting hill...
and even more cool is how they describe what they do and what they sell: we are "fighting hard the monsters of the corporation, standing up for quality and better days." right on!

couverture and the garbstore is chock full of interesting and hand selected (you can tell) items for the home and a few things for your body, like jewelry and some unusual t-shirts. it's a store that if you stumbled into it, straight off of the street, you'd know it was different. i love that! i hope that your weekend was amazing and that you sucked up some summer like i did! enjoy...

Friday, July 11, 2014

have a summer weekend!

man oh man i've been soaking up summer this year...
and it's not like i haven't other years. but for some reason this year i've truly been trying to take in every minute, every last drop of sun, feeling warm breezes, running in the mornings as the sun rises. this year seems like it just has an extra special summer to it. i love that!

so get outside this weekend, in your part of the world, feel all of those things. in my part of the world, it doesn't last long. enjoy!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

the pondy table.

i'm drawn today to this "pondy table" offered up by the french company colonel...
it's really a table and bench combination, designed by isabelle gilles. isabelle pairs wood & metal and then flirts with intense color, just little bits of it, enough to make her designs just about down right fabulous. enjoy!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

allied maker.

in my attempts to simplify my life, my design style or essence of style has also become that much more simplified...
so when i set my simplified eyes on allied maker's contemporary lighting designs, i had locked in. as allied maker states, they are "a design studio with heavy influences in geometric simplicity, serious craftsmanship and high quality materials."

allied maker's lighting designs are quiet yet so incredibly expressive. can lighting be expressive? oh yeah...enjoy!

pinkish pins.

some pinkish pins i'm loving today...

what color palettes/pins are you currently coveting? i'd love to hear! enjoy...

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

some summer sweet things.

koromiko, founded by tracey george is offering up some sweet summer things...
tracey writes on her site that she promotes slow shopping, mindful purchases and minimum consumption. and koromiko and tracey support artists creating items in small batches. i love that.

i also love many things on koromiko's website, but these were a few of my favorites. check them out here, to see what you'll love too.