Saturday, December 20, 2014

have a fun weekend!

i'm officially in the christmas spirit (it took a while!), are you?
(via pinterest but i forget where!)

i think just beginning on shopping got me there! and i'm trying to have fun doing it! tomorrow i'm heading to boston to pop into a favorite store or two, (stopping in between for amazing coffee and!) then picking my son up to come home for the holiday break from college. might have to top it all off with my favorite pizza joint, why not?

i hope that you are having a fun christmas~y weekend friends! enjoy...

Friday, December 19, 2014

last minute love from the fresh exchange.

i recently stumbled upon the fresh exchange. and what i love about sites like this, besides the fact that they write a super creative and visually decadent blog, they shop and find great product, for me, for you! like some of these beauties below...
if i had some last minute wishes for christmas (and i'm talking for ME!) it would be few select items from the fresh exchange. those boots!! enjoy...

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

8 pins.

random pins i'm loving today...
(links: via)
from color palette combinations, to fashion, to shapes, (etsy love!) to patterns and vacation inspiration, just 8 random pins that get me going today. enjoy!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

hatch, in gold.

this jewelry line offered up by a variety of designers through hatch is both lovely and slightly edgy, which i love...
beautiful gold gift ideas or just plain cover yourself in all of it for the holidays! enjoy...

Monday, December 15, 2014

cool lamp.

this monday morning, i'm drawn to the very sleek industrial composition of this "osux" lamp offered up by the spanish design company, squadone.
squadone, whose logo reads "work for money, design for love" states that the idea behind the osux lamp is to "enhance the cable as a conduit of lighting." the shade is constructed from anodized spun aluminum and the base is powder coated steel, in black.

somehow, amongst all of the steel and aluminum and void of much color, the pop of the deep red cord offers both a softness to the design and a flirty feminine element to it too. the lines are modern yet evoke tradition to me, work and play rolled into one design. i love that! enjoy...& happy monday, another fresh start to a brand new week!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

a sunday hello...

i hope that you're enjoying a quiet & peaceful sunday morning...
i just got back from an almost 2 hour spectacular sunrise walk. i can walk to the ocean in about 10 minutes, i'm lucky. the river and bay, that lead out the ocean near me are very alive with the tide changes, going in or out, the area is powerful and alive.

this was my second walk in a weeks time that there has been a seal pup swimming around in the marsh, right were the tide shows you the way, depending on the time of day. seals are not often seen inside a bay that is inside of a harbor and then inside a marsh like this. this guy seemed very content to be different thank you very much. i could have stared at him for hours, but it was crisp and cold out. i'm home sipping coffee with cinnamon. a good morning to you too! enjoy...

p.s. new music under my likes & listens (folk).

Friday, December 12, 2014

happy weekend!

happy friday friends! i've had one of "those" weeks...
so, needless to say, i'm desperate for the weekend, for quiet time, for poking in stores for presents, for stopping and sipping wine, for just looking around me at night at all of the holiday lights.

i hope that your weekend is amazing and everything that you want it to be! enjoy!!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

the prettiest chair, maybe ever.

finnish artist and designer riku tuppela has created this doppio cafe chair, in ash wood & copper. just look at it...
riku describes the copper element to his design as "warping reflections of its surroundings" and "creating new visual spaces inside itself." pretty darn special.

i LOVE the combination of the two mediums, the incredible rawness of one medium and the worked and polished result of another, and the overall simple design, lovely and quiet.

i found riku on behance, it doesn't seem he has another site of his own. but his contact info is there, if you like these doppio chairs as much as i do...enjoy!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

a canyon house.

this nahahum washington canyon house is extraordinary...
the architects were balance associates, the photography is by steve keating and the view? well i'll leave that up to you as to its origin.

what i'm finding in my adult years is my fascination with all things modern. having grown up in a state, town, and neighborhoods with traditional, historical and puritanical overtones and taste for such modernity seems out of place. and there is something to be said for all of that and the beauty that resonates from structures so old, structures withstanding years or centuries of amazing events. they exude that, they are proud and stately.

but the clean lines and open air of a structure such as this nahahum canyon house is breathtaking. sometimes it's about the architecture and sometimes it's about the pairing of architecture and environment. this is one of those pairings. stunning.

i was more captivated by the exterior of this home even though the interior is to be sure, beautiful. see more of the interior here, and enjoy!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

april and may

oh just some pretty gift ideas from the company april and may. and while we all have christmas spinning around in our heads right about now, this is a fab find...
i like this company. they find things, old and new, their mantra is "a beautiful love affair for things that are out there." so how could you not love them?!

these little items were a few of my favorite gift ideas...check out more of what april and may has here. enjoy!