Monday, April 27, 2015


currently in love with this whispy, heirloom jewelry line by designer wing yau, called wwake...
for me lately, gone are the days of the large, clunky earrings. i'm incredibly drawn to the barely there, the tiny bit of shiny metal that just barely catches your eye in a flash. pure love. enjoy!
avo is leather rugs and leather pillows, but avo is also these hand-painted leather clutches...
and avo is also brooklyn based designer brit kleinman. straight out of rhode island school of design, brit was designing for the likes of samsonite and jack spade. avo is her own line and she states that she "loves the character a product acquires when it is hand-made." true, product has a very different overall feel, a particular uniqueness to it when it is hand-made. it is somehow more special.

brit also writes an interesting website called the way we carry. it explores the ways with which we carry out daily tools, our stuff. check it out here, and enjoy! happy monday to you too!

Friday, April 24, 2015

have a dynamite weekend!

i am soooooo glad that it's friday...
feel like i let alot of stuff get to me this week, and i'm going to try to shake it off! the just let things happen motto doesn't always work for me, i'm miss impatient! but i'll work a little harder at it this weekend.

i've just finished this book (in 2 days!) and i'm in search of my next read. i'm truly loving reading for pleasure after a TON of reading for graduate work. i'm looking for a new frame for this recent purchase and something pretty to put in my new outdoor planter (i'll take photos when i fill it up!).

hope that you are having a great end to your week and looking forward to this weekend, as much as me! enjoy...

Thursday, April 23, 2015

gabriel scott welles lights.

okay, seriously loving this new lighting line offered up by gabriel scott. have a look...
this configuration in particular is called the "welles long chandelier." it's a series of interconnected, geometric & metallic shapes reminiscent of branches, of bouquets, of blooms, and what's pretty cool is that you can customize this lighting.

so shape it into various sculptural lengths and forms. gabriel kakon & scott richler, based in canada, are gabriel scott. they have a rich and varied background in the world of design, from fashion design to industrial design, and it shows.

pieces are shipped out of up state new york and are custom made. they are not cheap, but really good design rarely is. enjoy!

p.s. if you are drawn to this particular gabriel scott line of lighting, you should SEE what else they have, exquisite!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

mid-week distraction.


having a looooooong start to this week. so i don't know about you, but just needed a plain ol' mid-week distraction...

a great travel blog.

super pretty bras.

peanut butter snack cake.

this amazing line of jewelry.

cosmic dance and emotional pop music.

loving this little white dress.

sometimes this is so true.

might be my next pair of eye glasses.

i'm not really into wall decals, but this one is cool.

of course i'm a red sox fan, so this made me cry.

ok, back at it. hope that your week is moving along faster than mine! enjoy...

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

a sale & la garconne.

i swear i don't try to have expensive taste, but lately even my on sale taste is, well, expensive...
and to prove it, here are some recent seriously "i'm wishing for" sale items over at la garconne. those boots would make me feel like wonder woman! enjoy!

colorful vessels.

norwegian designer kristine five melvaer is creating beautiful product lines, but her colorful vessels are my favorite, so far...
when i was younger, i never actually played with marbles, but i do remember that when someone i knew had a brand new bag of them, i LOVED looking through them, at all of the intricacies in the layers, the design, how the colors mixed and interacted, how the glass felt in my hands. i feel like kristine's glass vessels are like that, they're captivating. the color is mesmerizing, her use of line and shape is interesting and with brilliant scandinavian simplicity. kind of like those old fashioned marbles. enjoy!

Monday, April 20, 2015

clara lieu fine art.

i recently purchased one of clara lieu's "haunting" figure drawings in what she describes as "moody dark fine art crayon"...
i was attempting, over the weekend, to put into words, why i was drawn to this particular artist, her work, and the particular piece that i chose, but art is, well, so subjective, right? it's individual, it's personal, and it's an evaluation that only you, or i, can do, and then come to the realization that you are drawn to a particular piece of art.

but that's a good thing, that's why so many unique and transformative artists are supported by a wide variety of individual and independent evaluators of those artists and their art.

i first was drawn to the rather extreme movement of the figure, the ways in which clara suggests emotion or feeling or just pure movement that encompasses all of that. i was next drawn to the stark contrast of dark marks on a light surface. that alone is stunning. and third, i was drawn to the subject matter, that it's figurative. and thinking back to some of my biggest challenges when i was a fine arts major, (and yes, i once was)...the figure was my most difficult subject. but i did eventually "get it". i'm not sure if i mastered it, but there is a light bulb that tends to go off when you are working so honestly at getting something...not exactly right, or perfect, but close. and i got close. that's your "aha" moment as an artist. i think anyway. clara teaches at the rhode island school of design so i'm sure she is witness to many a students' "aha" moments.

as well as loving clara's work, i was surprised to find i could purchase her original artwork (not a print!) at a VERY reasonable price. clara keeps her work accessible, to the every day independent, appreciative evaluators like me. find more of clara's work here, and read more about clara here. and enjoy!

cotton & flax.

enjoying these pretty patterns & prints on the pillows and dish towels offered up by los angeles based cotton & flax...
designer erin dollar is behind these sweet patterns. her work begins as an ink drawing. erin then transfers these drawings to silkscreen for printing on fabrics. production is carried out in small batches and in erin's 72 sq foot studio so that she is able to truly focus on high-quality hand-made product.

erin has a great blog too! check it out here. happy monday and enjoy!

Friday, April 17, 2015

have a beautiful weekend!

i don't know about you, but each of these last few weeks has been flying by...
it seems like everything and everyone has kicked into high gear (including spring around here and FINALLY!). so...i'm looking forward to a slower weekend, runs outside (i'm running a new route to tease my body a little bit and it's a great workout plus it's along the ocean so it's beautiful too!), i feel like baking something (maybe these?), and i know it's a fall season recipe but this looks delish too. so lots of yummy options out there!

what are you up to? anything exciting? i'd love to hear. have a beautiful weekend, and if you're in the mood enjoy some of these fun links i stumbled upon this week...

this looks like a cool place to visit.

see her blog post about it here.

i just ordered this book.

and you can hear a review of it here.

amazing photographs of cape town south africa.

dancing around the house lately to these guys.

this italian outdoor seating line looks soooo comfortable!

i think i could live in this outfit.

every airport should have these.

an aloha ring.


Thursday, April 16, 2015

the sweetest pouches.

japanese embroidery artist yumiko higuchi is creating, by hand, these amazingly sweet spring pouches, among other beautiful works...
yumiko embroiders by hand and the design, control & execution of each embroidered work is gentle, soft and sweet. truly have a look at yumiko's works, you'll be drawn right in. enjoy!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

uyuni salt flats & color.

i've followed the travels of ladyslider for a while now, but their most recent trip toward south america and the uyuni salt flats in bolivia, the color of it all, stopped me today...
read more about where they went to literally what they brought, food, supplies, clothes, here. this post will make you want to pack up and just gooooooooooooo! enjoy!